Peter Ottens
46 years of success in treating spine compression disorders


"From the minds of ordinary men come technologies to transform the world"
Peter Ottens

Peter was the sponsor for the Trump Apprentice Legend Cruise Challenge where he presented to a guest list of 2,500. His challenge was to introduce a fitness plan for business people and entrepreneurs wirh the least intrusion into their business schedule or lifestyle. The cruise was to the Caribean island and guest speakers were apprentices from the Apprentice TV show series 1, 2 and 3. All these Apprentices ran their own very successful companies even though they were fired on the show.

Peter wrote the 3rd page editorial for the Players Magazine for the highest level professional football players in The United Kingdom where he addressed the problems associated with injury from high performance training and the benefit of DMT to help offset injury and keep the selection rate higher for the top athletes through less injury.

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