Having suffered from severe osteoarthritis of the knees and spine for some time and from severe pain in the shoulder area, doctors advised me that knee replacement surgery and medicinal pain relief were the only solutions...
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Cancelled Knee Replacement Surgery

Having suffered from severe osteoarthritis of the knees and spine for some time and from severe pain in the shoulder area, doctors advised me that knee replacement surgery and medicinal pain relief were the only solutions...

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Within a week or two of starting the treatment with Peter, my knee pain was dramatically reduced and my acute shoulder pain has been completely cured.

I am very grateful to Peter and have cancelled a pending knee operation.

Name on request
Cirencester, UK, March 2011


Military Tank Accident

I have been retired from the Army now for nearly 10 years having had a full soldiers career, much of it on military tanks (Chieftains and Challengers). During my career I had a fairly major tank accident and damaged my head, jaw and teeth, neck and back through a massive whiplash and collision with iron and steel...

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We were travelling at about 20 mph by night over rugged terrain and we hit an unseen old bomb crater - about 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide, my head took the impact against the steel of the turret! After some time in hospital, and as a fit young man, I seemed to recover pretty well with bouts of back and neck pain, and continued with my duties and playing a lot of sport till the age of 50, when things started to get painful. I struggled with back pain and bouts of real awkwardness through spasm’s, often getting very “twisted” when standing. I had many sessions with a physio or accupuncture each year. I could usually recover and get back to something “normal”. Gradually over the last 10 years things became more difficult - less sleep due to back and neck pain, less activity because of stiffness, less mobility because of discomfort - and I realised that at the young age of 60 something needed to be done. 

I arranged a consultation with my neuro surgeon and was scanned to see if there was a problem. There was - the radiologist reported “a seguestrated prolapse disc at L4/L5 level, compressing the L5 nerve root - the options were to do nothing or have invasive and risky surgery. At the same time Peter Ottens of Spine Spa Anti Aging Technologies arrived nearby and had been working with the highest level of military for spine compression injuries. After some careful discussion of my problem(s) we started on treatment. I was amazed. Within a few sessions I was sleeping much better, my neck pain had gone, and I was feeling a little less stiff and more mobile. Peter found the source of the problem, not just the damage from my tank accident 38 years ago but also a fundamental problem caused by a rugby accident 50 years ago which had affected my SI (sacro illiac) joint, and had, for the whole of my life, never been discovered and left me compensating for a fundamental weakness. 

Youth and soldierly activity had hidden the problem - age had found it out and with Peter’s help has got things back into much better balance.

I continued treatment with Peter for 4 months - initially intensive and then more gentle just to keep things ticking along. Treatment is very different - it is called DMT (Decompression Mobilization Therapy) - a treatment never offered / given to me before. The assessment is made in the Postural Response Lab at his clinic where all the structural deficiencies are revealed. Some of my sessions were 2 hours and some only 15 minutes. Considering some of my injuries had been there for nearly 

50 years, occasionally I have spasms, and Peter is able to get to the problem straight away - I have had no more visits to the physio or accupuncturist to straighten me up. I feel hugely better generally and am much more mobile - stiffness and pain has gone into the background - and my life looking forward looks much better as I head for some sort of retirement and lots of activity! 

Thank you Spine Spa and The DMT Institute London.

Brigadier, UK Army, May 2015

Parkinsons and Spinal Stenosis

I am 70 years of age, have been an accountant all my life and have Parkinsons and spinal stenosis which had confined me to a wheelchair and crutches. I was on crutches around the house and then into the wheelchair if we went out from the house. In addition, I was gradually getting weaker...

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Now, I can walk up and down stairs without spine pain, I can lift a kettle of water, I can reach the light switch with no pain. I now am amazed and pleased that I am getting stronger and pain free and can walk around the house without support. At the start of the spine conditioning program I couldn’t lift the 20 kilogram weight, at all, now I can lift it 100 times without resting, absolutely incredible. The difference it seems from this and other programs, of which gave me no help, is that is based upon results, to regain my function. It is definitely not a turnkey system as it is tailored every time depending on the response to the previous session. 

Previous therapy was simply ticking boxes, not the case with this program. His aim was to bring back my function as a human being. Considering his background with working with bodybuiders, actors, military, ballet dancers, Olympic athletes, he is able to readjust the program to my level of strength and ability and often warns me not to over do it. I am now doing things on the Postural Reponse Lab that I would never have thought possible. A lot of these achievements physically, are also psychologically beneficial. 

For a person reading this you need to understand that I am 70 years of age, I’ve had Parkinsons for 10 years, I have spinal stenosis which is a strangulation of the spinal cord, which had severely disabled me. Being an accountant, I am very logical, down to earth, hence I maintained a record of my response to the program very carefully. Considering that my condition was given no future by drugs and possible surgery was too much of a risk. Undergoing this very conservative approach I virtually have my life back. 

Admittedly sessions can be 3 hours. The technique Peter uses is DMT (Decompression Mobilization Therapy). 

To conclude, physically and mentally I now have a future whereas before there was none, except a gradual decline and loss of the use of my body. Most important to this, is when I met Peter he did not say he could help me as such, but simply let’s see if we can help get your function back, and it has.

My meeting with Peter was a chance meeting, I am letting you know this technique exists, so that by talking to Peter you may benefit, being safe in he knowledge that there won’t be any empty promises, just a considered approach for your condition.

I write this with deep thanks and gratitude.